Mother of the Groom 2.0

When I was in high school, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (my first car was a Brontosaurus), we were tie-dyed wearing, long-haired flower children who wanted to make love and not war. It was the seventies and we were the Age of Aquarius generation.

Many of us became enamored with a poetry book written by a Lebanese poet and philosopher named Kahlil Gibran. The book’s title is The Prophet and it was actually written in 1923 but became popular in the 70s. I remember quoting it extensively and remembering many of his one-liners about the important things in life..

And as I thought about today, I was reminded by what he had to say about Children. Here is what he wrote….

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

I always loved that line because even when reading it as a teenager, I understood that sooner or later parents had to let go and let their children fly forth and live their lives. I think all of us who are parents can relate to this.

These words also remind me of the lyrics to a song called Find Your Wings that I remember from youth group days when we celebrated Walt, Grace, James, Greg, and Lauren as seniors graduating…

It’s not living if you don’t reach for the sky
I’ll have tears as you take off
But I’ll cheer as you fly

I’m here for you whatever this life brings
So let my love give you roots
And help you find your wings

Someone once described being a Mom as having a piece of your heart taken out and walk around outside of you. There’s my heart taking his first steps. There’s my heart getting behind a wheel of a car. There’s my heart going off to college. There’s my heart finding another heart to love.

Walt – you are that first piece of my heart that walked around outside of me. You made me a Mom and there has been no greater thing in my life than being called Mom. I’d like to think our bond is still as strong as it was when you needed me a lot more – it’s just different but in many ways ever more rewarding.

Walt and Lexi – I know how difficult the last year has been for both of you, and I am so proud of how you never gave up on each other and got through it all.  It showed everyone that your love is strong and can endure the tough times as well as the good times, and that you carry each other’s hearts within your own.  There’s no greater proof of true love than that. Hope you know that Dad and I will there for you always.

In the words of John Lennon, you have become “the other half of the sky” to each other. May the love that gave you both your wings carry you across that sky, and may that sky be filled with light and love and joy and an Ewok dog named Gizmo!

6 thoughts on “Mother of the Groom 2.0

  1. Deb, Your post struck a chord in my heartsongs! When my son and I were dancing at his wedding to “our song” (My Wish by Rascal Flatts) we had the most private and intimate conversation about our live and mutual admiration for each other. Never would have thought that such a public place and PDA could be such a tender and precious moment in my relationship with my son. Wishing you and your son many more happy memories to share ! Hugs, Cathleen (Cathy) Sent from my iPhone


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    • Cathleen – I have been so bad about blogging this past year – so seeing your comment about how much this post spoke to you on a personal level is so inspiring to me – thank you!
      We are so blessed to have such wonderful sons and our special relationships with them.
      That Find Your Wings song always gets me teary no matter how many times I hear it!
      Hoping to see you at the DN 50th this October!


  2. You look lovely!!  Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their marriage.  I wish them all the best.  Debbie – I so enjoy your soft but powerful writing.  I’ve been thinking about our wonderful Greece trip.  Three years have passed – and how crazy have the last two been!  Thanks for sharing.  Stay well!


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    • Linda – it’s so wonderful to hear from you! Hope all is well in your world and that you are still creating your art as well. I saw the fires in Greece this summer reach near Olympia! It was terrifying to imagine in that lovely setting and brought back many wonderful memories from our trip. Sallie and I still see each other – she is still teaching and traveling when she can. I so hope that I can get back to Europe next year. But for now, I have been staying close to home, with occasional road trips to see my daughter and her family in Boston and my BFF in Delaware. Thanks again for following my blog, for writing, and stay safe!


    • So good to hear from you, Charlotte! Yes, both are now married but only Walt lives near me; Grace and her family are in Natick, Massachusetts. Wish they were closer so that I could see my 14 month old granddaughter Rori more!


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