Letter to My Unborn Granddaughter

Baby Keeney

Dear Granddaughter,

We don’t know each other yet but I cannot even begin to describe how much you already mean to me.  Right now, you are floating about in a sea of nourishing fluid in your Mom’s belly, happily growing with a heart that is beating strong and steady, just as your Mom once lived and thrived inside of me.

You are truly a miracle, as every child is. It’s magic and a mystery that transcends anything that biology, genetics or any tenet of science can explain – how someone doesn’t exist one day and then poof – there is a new person in the room, someone you love so much that they become part of the fabric of your patchwork heart.

We don’t know much about you yet except your gender.  Will you be blonde like your Mom or left-handed like me?  Will you be athletic like your Dad or not like any of us at all?  Will you like dogs and rainbows and ice cream and pizza and s’mores and the Red Sox?

It is hard to imagine the world you will inherit. I pray that the world becomes more Utopian and less Orwellian in your lifetime. I hope I am around to see most of it and that I am healthy enough of body and mind to dance at your wedding.

There is so much that I wish for you.  I hope you will love to read, that you will enjoy the act of creation, whether that’s art, literature, music, cooking, or crafts. I hope that whatever you dream becomes real in your life, and that you make the world better in countless ways. I pray that no amount of harm or sadness ever breaks you, that you always have authentic and loving friends in your life (especially a best friend), and a special love who becomes your other half of the sky.

I can’t wait to meet you, and there are so many things that I hope we can do together: experience a Broadway musical, send sky lanterns into the night air, visit children’s and art museums, listen to all kinds of music, make gingerbread houses, discover star constellations, build a treehouse, dance and sing, and even travel to magical places.  There are so many books I want us to read together, so many movies to watch and enjoy, and so many crafts that I would love for us to create together.

Because I know your parents, I know that you will grow to be a fierce and wonderful woman with the heart of a lion, someone we will all be proud to know. You will be a giver, not a taker, because you will learn early on that true happiness comes not from what we get but from what we give. Your parents will teach you which little voice inside to listen to, and they will give you roots as well as wings so that someday we will all watch you take off across whatever sky you choose.

I pray that you never take good health, happiness, and love for granted, that you are never motivated by hate, that you never lose your childlike wonder, and that grace comes whenever you need it.

I hope that I can be your comfort food, your safety net, your lighthouse in a storm, but also someone who helps you find awe-filled joy – your butterbeer ice cream, your northern lights, your portal at the back of the wardrobe.

So, for now, my littlest of sweeties, swim blissfully in your starless sea, tethered to your Mom by a cord that pumps blood from her heart to yours, a connection that transcends every other. Sleep and dream of lovely sunsets and golden shores, and grow strong enough to survive outside your safe cocoon. Please know that you are so loved by so many, especially me.

We are so blessed that your journey has begun and we will all celebrate the magical day in June when you are born. Love you more!


7 thoughts on “Letter to My Unborn Granddaughter

  1. Deb, This is truly an amazing piece-you have outdone yourself! Your granddaughter will be so blessed to have such a kind, thoughtful and loving grandmother. Wishing wonderful things and many blessings for you and your extended family. LITB, *Cathleen (Cathy Shannon)*

    On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 9:58 AM Reimagining My Retirement wrote:

    > debbysemegmailcom posted: ” Dear Granddaughter, We don’t know each other > yet but I cannot even begin to describe how much you already mean to me. > Right now, you are floating about in a sea of nourishing fluid in your > Mom’s belly, happily growing with a heart that is beating stro” >

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    • Cathleen – thank you so much!!! It is such a pivotal and transforming moment in any mother’s life, and I wanted to try and capture it as best as I could. So glad it spoke to you and I am so blessed in countless ways to have family and “sisters” like you! LITB!


      • Hi!
        Yes, still at it. I’ve also been serving as the VP for Resources for APA Division 2, and somehow ended up on the steering committee for APA’s Introductory Psychology Initiative, and working on yet another project for APA. So it’s been busy, but interesting. Jill’s second novel is coming along (this one is about a wolf biologist in Yellowstone National Park who encounters some environmentalist werewolves. She’s been researching wolf behavior so that the werewolves will actually act like REAL wolves. Meanwhile, I’m also now a great grandmother twice over. It’s a long and wonderfully twisted story.
        Be well,

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