My Personal Logo (new)

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Recently my daughter Grace attended a workshop on becoming a better meeting facilitator.   One of the ice-breakers presented asked participants to create their own personal logo – a logo you would use to represent yourself to the outside world, much as corporations use logos to identify themselves to customers.   I decided that the photo above perfectly illustrates my personal logo since I retired on February 3rd.    You may think I am trying to tell the world I have become a wino – ha!  I enjoy wine, but no, that is NOT what I am trying to communicate with this photo.

Retirement has finally given me the time to do all the things that I have wanted to do but never allotted the time to do.   Because I am no longer working 10 hour days, I now find that I can 1) spend a week helping a relative recover from knee surgery 2) begin the process of decluttering 20 years of stuff from my house 3) volunteer for three non-profits 4) plant flowers 5) reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen in years 6) be spontaneous and allow an hour lunch to evolve into a three hour shopping extravaganza 7) plan a bridal shower for my god-daughter 8) see a Broadway show 9) spend an entire day at a spa 10) learn how to design a kitchen 11) attend an online writing conference.   The above photo was taken at a local winery that I had never visited, with a former customer who has become a dear friend (she didn’t want to be in the picture so I am honoring her wishes).   So, this photo represents the transition from my old life to my new life, where I can go wine tasting with a person with whom I would normally have been meeting on campus for a quick cup of coffee before dashing off to see a dozen more customers.   It also represents the spirit of freedom and discovery that I feel every day now that I am free from the chains of corporate America.

If you had to create your own personal logo, what would it look like?

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