My Personal Logo (new)

oldyork8 - Copy (2)

Recently my daughter Grace attended a workshop on becoming a better meeting facilitator.   One of the ice-breakers presented asked participants to create their own personal logo – a logo you would use to represent yourself to the outside world, much as corporations use logos to identify themselves to customers.   I decided that the photo above perfectly illustrates my personal logo since I retired on February 3rd.    You may think I am trying to tell the world I have become a wino – ha!  I enjoy wine, but no, that is NOT what I am trying to communicate with this photo.

Retirement has finally given me the time to do all the things that I have wanted to do but never allotted the time to do.   Because I am no longer working 10 hour days, I now find that I can 1) spend a week helping a relative recover from knee surgery 2) begin the process of decluttering 20 years of stuff from my house 3) volunteer for three non-profits 4) plant flowers 5) reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen in years 6) be spontaneous and allow an hour lunch to evolve into a three hour shopping extravaganza 7) plan a bridal shower for my god-daughter 8) see a Broadway show 9) spend an entire day at a spa 10) learn how to design a kitchen 11) attend an online writing conference.   The above photo was taken at a local winery that I had never visited, with a former customer who has become a dear friend (she didn’t want to be in the picture so I am honoring her wishes).   So, this photo represents the transition from my old life to my new life, where I can go wine tasting with a person with whom I would normally have been meeting on campus for a quick cup of coffee before dashing off to see a dozen more customers.   It also represents the spirit of freedom and discovery that I feel every day now that I am free from the chains of corporate America.

If you had to create your own personal logo, what would it look like?

Reimagining My Retirement

Hello, friends and friends to be,

Someone recently told me that she calls retirement “commencement”.  I love that paradigm – that rather than think of retirement as an ending, that we think of it as a beginning.   So, with that frame of mind and spirit of adventure, I embark on this journey of self-discovery, reflection, and fun as I reimagine my life – a life that isn’t dictated by a paycheck or performance review or by a corporation’s bottom line.   This blog is my attempt at recording my thoughts and deeds as I venture into uncharted territory.   Please come travel with me!